Sydney Meditation Classes

After 20 years in Sydney we now have a new home, The Lighthouse, in the inner west suburb of Chiswick. It features a beautiful meditation space, relaxation area and library. It is easily accessible by public transport and is minutes from the city.

Clairvision Sydney

Sydney offers a host of Clairvision activities throughout the year. Every Monday night for the past 20 years a group has been coming to together to meditate, learn and do practices. There are also classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, as well as additional informal nights of practice.

Our instructors receive thorough training and are only allowed to facilitate trainings after having practiced Clairvision's techniques themselves for many years.

Weekly Meditation & IST Courses

Introductory weekly classes are now offered in Sydney only.
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This weekly training gives you the opportunity to experience states of consciousness beyond your everyday mind, awaken spiritual vision and gain profound self-knowledge. Using the dynamism of direct experience, you will learn practical techniques to deepen your meditation practice, cultivate energetic awareness and bring a dimension of spiritual awakening to your daily life.

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Pre-requisite: Awakening the Third Eye Workshop

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