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This page contains detailed information about the upcoming courses held by Clairvision School.
Clairvision courses in Australia are conducted by Clairvision School Ltd.

Flow of Life - A Course

Location Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Price
Online 4th Nov 11th Nov 18th Nov 21st Nov 25th Nov 28th Nov $350

Flow of Life - A Course

Although we have postponed our December retreats until April 2022 due to COVID-19, we are pleased to be able to offer a virtual course designed for those people who were wanting to come to the IST 101 in December 2021.

This is a course based around the Knowledge Track Flow of Life. It will give you a chance to deepen your meditation, and introduce you to the flow of life technique. This meditation technique brings awakening to your body of energy and helps you navigate through the emotional waves that get in the way of true silence and clarity.

This course will cover:

  • The Life Flow meditation, a principal technique of the Clairvision work aimed at awakening and cultivating the body of energy.
  • Night practice, Clairvision techniques for fast recuperation, relaxation, and exploration of sleep states.
  • Key concepts in deepening meditation and developing sustained awareness in daily activities. This includes building an understanding how emotional blockages can arise in meditation and inhibit clarity and free will in daily life.
  • Subtle bodies – the non-physical vehicles of consciousness. Subtle bodies give a language to describe the mechanisms of meditation and of the practice of inner alchemy. Here, you are the alchemist and your subtle bodies are the ground for a profound transformation.

This is an experiential course aimed at giving you direct experiences and advancing your practice. It will consist of instructor led talks and discussions, online group practices and sharing as well as offline individual practices.

Please note, although this Knowledge Track covers IST and knowledge about deconstruction, the technique of IST will not be taught in this course.

For bookings and further information contact bookings@clairvision.org.au

Weekly Classes

Location Time Start End Price

* Concession rate available for full-time students

Weekly Meditation & IST Classes

This ongoing weekly training gives you the opportunity to experience states of consciousness beyond your everyday mind, awaken spiritual vision and gain profound self-knowledge. Using the dynamism of direct experience, you will learn practical techniques to deepen your meditation practice, cultivate energetic awareness and bring a dimension of spiritual awakening to your daily life.

Focusing on techniques for self-exploration, inner silence, vision and resolving emotional blockages, the intention is to truly know yourself, here and now. By turning your awareness inwards, the techniques are designed to give you a direct experience of yourself beyond surface levels.

Cost: $115 per month (Weekly classes)
Pre-requisite: the introductory Meditation Workshop (Awakening the Third Eye)

Click here to learn more about Meditation & IST

Click here for more information about the weekly classes


Retreat Centre Courses

Course Start End Accommodation Price
IST 101 Apr 22, 2022
Fri, 6.30pm
May 01, 2022
Sun, 12.00 noon
Basic $1,260*
      Twin share cabin with ensuite $1,665
IST Focus Apr 22, 2022
Fri, 6.30pm
May 01, 2022
Sun, 12.00 noon
Basic $1,260*
      Twin share cabin with ensuite $1,665


* Concessions available to full-time students, and students of the weekly classes

Note: For further information on accommodation rates, please read section below "About Accommodation and Meals."


Information and Registration

Register for the courses by emailing bookings@clairvision.org.au

ATE - Awakening the Third Eye

This is an introductory course and has no prerequisites.

These residential ATEs are conducted by Clairvision instructors.

What is an ATE workshop? A list of skills covered during the workshop.

IST 101 - Inner Space Techniques

This course is an introductory course and has no prerequisites.

This course includes the ATE that runs from Friday evening at 6.30pm, dinner being served at 5.30pm, through Sunday noon. The IST portion begins Sunday at 1.30pm. Conducted by senior instructors

.Click here to read about the IST technique.
Information for students attending an IST course

IST Focus courses

Focus your IST by targeting a specific aspect of your process. Open to people who have already completed at least seven days of a residential IST course. People who have just completed IST 101 are welcome to stay on. Conducted by senior instructors.

To check you eligibility for this course please email bookings@clairvision.org.au


Thunderwand, a Meditation course (cultivation of central channel and envelopes)

Open to people who have already completed at least two residential IST courses. Conducted by senior instructors.

To check you eligibility for this course please email bookings@clairvision.org.au


About Accommodation and Meals

The course cost is inclusive of tuition, vegetarian meals and basic camping style, shared accommodation with communal facilities. The retreat center also offers twin share cabin accommodation with ensuite facilities for an additional charge. The courses are facilitated in a country property located 4 hours from Sydney. Please enquire at bookings@clairvision.org.au for further information.


ATE courses

Accommodation for the ATE course begins on Friday night. Although instruction for the ATE does not begin until Saturday morning, please plan to arrive on Friday between 4.30pm and 5.00pm. Friday evening will include registration, dinner and time to get settled.

IST 101 courses

This course includes the above ATE course, therefore accommodation for this course begins on Friday night. Friday evening will include registration, dinner and time to get settled.

All Other Courses

Once you have arrived at the retreat center and registered for your course, you will be directed to your accommodation. Please plan to arrive early enough to allow for registration, finding your room and any meals. Also take into consideration things like late planes, traffic etc.


Course Payment and Registration

Payment is by credit card or direct debit. Our accounts department will invoice you with payment methods once your application is accepted.

If you would like to register, please e-mail bookings@clairvision.org.au with the following information:
- Your name
- Your email address
- Which workshop(s), on which dates you want to register for

The deposit amount is non-refundable or transferable.
Balances are due 2 weeks before each course.


Event Date Location Price
Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) Study Group Oct 07 - Oct 28, 2021 Online Free

Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) Study Group

Last year we launched a free meditation course online, to offer seekers a pathway to access meditation during this COVID-19 phase.

Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) is a four-part meditation course designed to take you (including people with no meditation background) into experiences of consciousness. It consists of 2 talks and 2 guided meditations, as well as music to facilitate deep third eye states.

We are inviting anyone who has followed these free online meditations and talks, to join us in a study group format designed to foster your ongoing practice. The study group will be run by instructors in a Q & A style, where all questions and experiences are welcome.

If you would like to join us for our October study group, please see the details below.

MPIW October study group:

The study group will be run once a week online, for a duration of four weeks.

Cost: Free

Pre-requisite: To have done the Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds online course

Dates: Thursday evenings 7, 14, 21, 28 October

7pm - 7.45pm (45mins)

Book for MPIW Study Group

Our study groups will be limited to 10 people, so please book through the above link and we will send you further information for attendance.

Please note: We will have a waitlist, so if the group becomes full, please do signup to the waitlist as spaces do sometimes free up and additional groups may be formed in response.

For any further enquiries email us at bookings@clairvision.org.au

If you are interested to learn more about the Clairvision approach to meditation, awakening and self-knowledge, come along to a talk and meet us! We would love to connect with you.