The Knowledge Tracks (KTs), are specially designed practical courses done at your own pace. As with all Clairvision work, their focus is primarily experiential.

You can start with KT Winds of Change - a free online Knowledge Track comprising four talks about spirituality in general as well as aspects of the Clairvision path. It will help you reflect on your spiritual quest and inspire you to take it as far as you can!

The KTs will take you through a wide range of techniques and practical exercises so you can 'see for yourself, know for yourself'. They also explore a variety of topics centered around inner vision, meditation, self-knowledge, and spirituality.

Apart from being self-paced courses, the Knowledge Tracks are required learning material for people attending courses with the Clairvision School.

To learn more about the Knowledge Tracks, or to purchase Knowledge Tracks, visit the Clairvision International website

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