The Clairvision School offers weekly classes in Sydney

These classes provide practical techniques to deepen your meditation practice, cultivate energetic awareness and bring a dimension of spiritual awakening to your daily life. They will give you a solid foundation in the Clairvision work of Inner Alchemy, teaching you the Inner Space Techniques (IST), a framework to explore consciousness at all levels, from resolving emotional blockages to the luminous visions at the apex of awakening.

The regularity of the classes allows you to more easily dive into the inner space, to experience states of 'being' inaccessible to the ordinary thinking mind. This brings the potential for profound changes in your life.

In parallel with the practices of IST and meditation, the classes contain a significant body of theory. Topics covered include Subtle Bodies, energetic protection and cultivation, cosmology and its relevance to everyday life, the approaches of different traditions to spiritual freedom, world events seen from a viewpoint of interacting global forces, and various aspects of health and self-healing.

The combination of practical experience and theoretical background deepens your self-knowledge and that of the world around you. Even the most mundane situation becomes an opportunity to apply the techniques. Life becomes an endless source of fascination and vision.

Taught by experienced instructors, the classes also give the student personalised support and guidance.

If you're seeking self-knowledge, emotional clarity, effective meditation techniques, and tools for the integration of spiritual practice into your daily life, these classes are for you.

Before attending the weekly classes, regardless of previous meditation experience, it is a requirement to first take part in an 'Awakening the Third Eye' weekend. This creates a common foundation of techniques and understanding upon which the work can develop.

Pre-requisite: the introductory Meditation Workshop - Awakening the Third Eye
Information and registration:
Phone: 0424 449 485

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Location Time Start End Cost
6 Burns Cres, Chiswick   NSW   2046
(near Drummoyne)
Wednesday Evenings
6:30pm - 9:30pm
23 Oct 2024 Ongoing $115 per month

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Phone: 0424 449 485
Our Sydney premises are located in Chiswick (Inner West, 15 mins from Sydney CBD)

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