Meditation and Inner Space Techniques (IST)

Many people can have flashes of inner peace, spiritual vision and understanding... the challenge is to make them solid and reproducible. Starting with the introductory weekend workshop, Awakening the Third Eye, the Clairvision work offers a systematic method that allows experiences to be repeated and deepened.

However, once you begin to silence the mind, the many underlying fears, thoughts, and emotions take their chance to surface. It is clear the restlessness and disquiet that emerges in meditation is also bubbling away in your everyday life... it's just normally distracted away with a phone call, a movie, another drink or more social media scrolling.

This is why, for transformation to be possible, there has to be a work of construction: developing states of consciousness through meditation, cultivating silence and inner vision.

And there also has to be an aspect of deconstruction: achieving emotional clarity through an undoing of negative emotional patterns. We all have issues in our lives, whether it be a general dissatisfaction with life, relationships constantly ending the same way, a non-specific desire for something more. Without addressing these core emotional charges any relaxation, depth or clarity will be short lived.

Like the lifting of an anchor beneath a boat, it is only once these blockages have been released that true freedom and peace can be experienced.

The Clairvision technique developed to address these underlying issues are Inner Space Techniques (IST). Rather than just exploring issues from a level of the mind, the Inner Space Techniques uses the inner space of meditation to get to the root of your problems, to know yourself deeply, to see the reality of your life with clarity.

Central to the Clairvision work is Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, in which 'Inner Space' stands for the space of the third eye, 'Interactive' refers to the fact that the technique is practiced with a client and a facilitator (called 'connector'), and 'Sourcing' refers to the direction of the process which is to find the sources of present emotional blockages and conditioned behaviors, rather than simply mapping symptoms.

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing is practiced lying down, and in a meditative third eye state.

Developed by Samuel Sagan, Inner Space Interactive Sourcing brings an emotional stability and a greater self-knowledge to all areas of your life. Not just by addressing the root causes in your consciousness but through the inner space, you experience yourself quite differently. You feel yourself beyond the petty whining of your mind. Once you have experiences of this depth, problems become small and insubstantial. Your life changes, your meditation is deeper, there is a greater flow in everything you do.

As such, our courses and classes focus on the complementary techniques of meditation and Inner Space Techniques.

Learn more about Inner Space Interactive Sourcing via the Clairvision International website

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